klaus3.jpg"While there are recordings of the symphonies available on international labels, very few of the tone poems and other orchestral works are available internationally. While nationalist composers like Smetana and Dvorak have become household names among music lovers around the world, very few people know about Fibich and his works are rarely performed outside of the Czech Republic and even there performances are relatively rare. Perhaps the neglect of this composers works is due to the fact that he straddled two cultures, German and Czech. He received most of his musical training in Leipzig and Mannheim with a year, in between, in Paris. His works are heavily influenced by the German Romantics especially by Wagner and he was not perceived as a Czech composer. I see one of the missions of Naxos to revive international interest in unjustly neglected composers and Fibich is a prime example of such a composer. I am confident that our 8-CD project will help to establish the composers reputation internationally, given the strong physical and digital distribution network of our label."

Klaus Heymann - founder and head of the Naxos record label


hasenohrl.jpg"We are very honoured to be involved in as exceptional and in its way pioneering project as the recording of Fibich’s music. The work of the young, enthusiastic and talented conductor Marek Štilec in tandem with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra is to my mind bound to bring remarkable results. Listeners have something to look forward to…"

Jan Hasenöhrl - Director and founder of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra


vera_sustikova.jpg"The Zdeněk Fibich Society is very apppreciative of the iniciative of its member, the conductor Marek Štilec, in successfully securing the co-operation of the world renowned company NAXOS and thus making possible the historic first complete recording on CD of Fibich’s orchestral works. Our Society looks upon the production of such new recordings at today’s high level of quality of interpretation and technology as the repayment of the greatest debt of our time to this composer’s legacy. Engaging in this area of the music business is one of the hardest tasks. The new project is therefore all the more valuable in that it is not just concerned with re-issuing existing Supraphon recordings dating from the 1950s and 80s, but that it involves making entirely new recordings with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra under Marek Štilec’s baton."

PhDr. Věra Šustíková - Chair of the Zdeněk Fibich Society


sona_cervena.jpg"I welcome the fact that the complete orchestral output of Zdeněk Fibich will at last be available on CD. Still not sufficiently well known and appreciated in our country, Fibich is a Czech composer whose many works should hold their own even among the world’s greatest. And let us not forget also the beauty and originality of Fibich’s magnificent melodramas; after all, they are orchestral works too and, what’s more, written to very fine Czech texts."

Soňa Červená - opera singer and actress